Sea Your Feet In These

Octopus custom heels by artist Kermit Tesoro are sweeping the net being featured on many shoe and art websites. It was a treat to scroll through Kermit’s Instagram feed and see all of the incredible art and photography he has posted. The first time these appeared was June 2015 and almost two year later the “Polypodis” as it is called is just as popular as it ever was. Scrolling that far back on Kermit’s Instagram was a pleasure. It is obvious that he has a thing for cats and cactus … some might say little pricks … but he has also traveled the world and seems to be a big deal in the fashion world. You should go Follow Kermit Tesoro on Instagram now!
Favorite Quote: “If you love shoes you’ll find a way to wear them”

Polypodis Shoe Sculpting By Kermit Tesoro